Joyo JF-17 Extreme Metal Distortion Pedal

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Brand new pedal from Joyo!

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* Before you test the pedal or before playing, make sure the guitar is fully connected with the pedal;

* More importantly, you need to make sure it meets the working current requirement of each single pedal;

* In order to make JOYO pedals work properly, avoiding unexpected noise caused by power supply, we recommend that you purchase a JOYO original power adapter, or choose other reliable brands.

  • JOYO JF-17 Extreme Metal Pedal
  • JOYO Extreme Metal Pedal
  • One of JOYO most popular effect pedals

Adjust for shaping frequency response: "High", "Mid", "Low", "Boost", "Level" and "Drive" 6 control knobs, independent EQ controls, allowing you to achieve metal, rock and punk sounds. with the combination of its three band EQ and drive and level knobs you can get a wide variety of tones from heavy blues through hard rock to high gain metal.

With the gain set at around 9 'o' clock using a bridge position humbucker you can get some excellent classic rock tones. Flick to the neck pickup and you get a thick, creamy sustain filled lead tone ideal for any heavy/rock blues lead playing you'll be doing. With the right combination of EQ settings with the drive low you can even get some quite Santana-esque tones from this pedal.

Where this pedal is most at home is with the gain at 12 'o' clock or higher. At 12 'o' clock you get some brilliant hard rock tones reminiscent of G N' Roses, Metallica and Iron'M.

Again using the 3 band EQ here will give you masses of variety. For a more 'metal' type sound why don't you try scooping the Mid out slightly and adding a few more highs and lows.

Push the gain to 3 'o' clock and you get an all out metal onslaught. Make sure you scoop the "Mid" and push the bass and highs and you'll be in metal heaven. Pinch Harmonics will fly off your guitar. A nice and tight low end helps keep any palm muted galloping riffs sounding crisp and clear.

Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: 600Ω
Running Current: 25mA
6 knobs allow complete control over pedal dynamics
Power: 6F22 9V Battery/ DC 9V adapter (None included)
(When connecting the adapter, battery power would be cut off automatically)
Dimension:120(L)X 97(W)X 55(H) mm Weight: 410g
Package included: 1 x JOYO JF-17 Extreme Metal pedal 1 x User's Manual.
The boost switch is best used on your neck pickup with the control between 9 'o' clock and 10 'o' clock. Kick this in at the start of your solo and it'll help increase your volume a little and add a nice bit of top end to really help you cut through the mix so everyone can hear those shredtastic solos!

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