JTH Electronics Ambrosia XL (Compass) Overdrive/Boost/Fuzz #2

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Brand new handmade pedal from John, made right here in the Hudson Valley of Upstate NY!

No battery or power supply, nor instructions included; but Don't Panic! Collar City Guitars is THE authorized JTH Electronics dealer and takes great care in packing and shipping.

This pedal is #2, made in Feb 2021, Raw Aluminum with Compass Stamp.
The JTHE Ambrosia II-B is a low-gain, point-to-point, hand-wired overdrive based on the Modkits Piledriver - which itself is a modified LPB1. Each pedal is made one at a time, right in Upstate NY. The Ambrosia has three selectable clipping options: Asymmetrical Silicon, Open (No Diodes), and Asymmetrical Germanium.

The Ambrosia XL packs two Ambrosia pedals into one enclosure. Allowing players to combine the drive and boost tones to create a truly unique, fuzz-y explosive sound that really cuts through the mix. The XL is the same as the XXL just in a slightly smaller 1590BB enclosure.

A passive tone control allows users to roll of nasty high frequencies without changing the character of your guitar's drive sound.  

Please note: The Ambrosia II is a very dynamic pedal and will sound different based on what guitars, amps, or other pedals you are using. Experiment!

Tube amp owners may want to roll the gain off and use the Ambrosia to push a little more dynamics out of their amp similar to some other mythical "transparent" overdrives. Solid-state amp owners will probably want to play with the gain close to, or all the way up to get the most 'crunch' out of their setup. Based on our experiments, the higher output your pickups are, the more aggressive the explosive fuzz will be at max gain settings.

The Ambrosia and Ambrosia Deluxe require 9VDC center negative power supplies (not included) only. These have been successfully tested with the appropriate One Spot, TREX, and SKB power supplies.

JTHE recommends using isolated power supplies for optimal sound quality and minimal signal interference. JTHE pedals have no internal 9V battery access and run only on power supplies.

JTHE pedals are finished individually and made by hand in small batches; as such, color and design variations occur making each one unique. Pedals are listed individually - the pedal in photos is the one you will receive!

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